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Hornby Articles

Mission accomplished

Dragons coach Wayne Bennett is joined by captain Ben Hornby, assistant coach Steve Price and CEO Peter Doust yesterday on his way to announcing the news all St George Illawarra fans have been dreading - that he is leaving at the end of the season. Picture: ORLANDO CHIODO

Hornby puts his name into Blues frame

JUST as he did with Darren Lockyer, Wayne Bennett seems to have successfully transformed Ben Hornby from a top-class fullback into a dominant playmaker and the move may have benefited not only the St George Illawarra captain's Origin prospects but those of centre Matt Cooper and winger Brett Morris.

Dragons have Prince in their sights

ST GEORGE ILLAWARRA captain Ben Hornby believes shutting down opposite number Scott Prince will be worth a king's ransom to the Dragons when they tackle the Gold Coast at Skilled Park tonight.

Old dog Dell shows young pups a thing or two

WENDELL SAILOR was sick of being called 'The Old Dog' by Brett Morris. And tired of Morris stealing what Sailor has unabashed affection for headlines.

Hornby Can't Handle His New Team-mate

THE only drawback to fatherhood for Ben Hornby is not being able to pick up his newborn.


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